Monday 12 December 2011

X Factor - Rachel Crow is eliminated..! Dramatic..!

Rachel Crow

Last night's 'X Factor' elimination was full of drama -- and tears. Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty were on the chopping block, and it was the 13-year-old who was sent packing.

But it didn't happen smoothly. The judges panel voted 2-1 to send Marcus home, and it all came down to Nicole Scherzinger's vote. Tears streamed down her face, as the emotional pop star was torn about the decision.

In the end, she said she couldn't make it, and ended up voting for Rachel in order to send the vote into deadlock. The decision then became America's, and, ultimately, Rachel didn't have enough votes to carry on.

Upon hearing the news, Rachel broke down in front of the cameras, bawling to her mom and the judges. Still, she remained positive, humble and thankful. "I just.. I love you so much, everybody, for voting for me," the emotional teen said. "Thank you for giving me this, because without you I am nothing. I hope this [is] not my ending. You know what, I know it's not, and I will go so far, I promise you -- and I love you."

There are four finalists left in the competition, including: Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene. Tune in on Wednesday, December 4 at 8PM on FOX to see them battle it out once again.

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