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Friday, 23 June 2017

ZaraAdam | Bila Dapat Topi Baru

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Inilah budak-budak.. Bila dapat satu benda yang baru, memang akan ulang la guna or pakai sepanjang petang tu.. Ini kisahnya pada satu hari, kami keluar dan nampak banyak topi.. Design memang untuk budak2 sebab imej kartun.. So memang teruja la terutama Zara bila kami suruh pilih.. So Zara memang terus pilih design Frozen dan warna cantik kegemaran Mama dia iaitu Ungu.. Adam pun sebab dah memang minat Upin Ipin, terus la nak yang tu.. Bila tengok semua gambar watak kat topi, memang semua dia tahu nama la..

Ini Adam.. Sampai je rumah, kami bukak topi.. Then lepas tu, dia cari balik dan bawa naik ke sofa.. Terus pakai sambil tengok Upin Ipin.. Dia tak sedar Eraz snap gambar ni.. Pakai topi style terbalik tu pun dia sendiri pakai.. Pengaruh siapa, tak tahu la.. Banyak juga berjaya snap gambar budak ni main2 dengan topi.. Ke depan, ke belakang, semua ada.. Heppy betul dia.. Tapi yang tak best, malamnya nampak topi tu dah terconteng.. Hehe..

Ini Zara.. Masa duk senyap2 tangkap gambar Adam, Zara nampak.. So mula la suruh Papa ambil gambar dia pula.. Macam2 la pulak Papa kena layan.. Hehe.. Warna topi pun dah matching dengan baju dah.. Disebabkan dia pilih sendiri topi tu, memang dia suka.. Itu semua berlaku pada hari beli ya.. Tapi kalau tengok kan hari, rasanya mereka tak pakai dah.. Cuma bila teringat je cari.. 

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sneaky Saving Ideas for your New Home Downpayment

Arguably, saving money for a new home may seem to be a tough hurdle for anyone, but if you are determined, you can meet your financial goals worrying easy. Remember, any big purchase needs big savings. But what if you cannot save a significant amount from your earnings? Can you still manage to hit your target? Don’t worry- it will eventually add up.

So, what are some of the best saving tips that will turn your dreams into a reality?  Here are some ideas that might just get you a step closer to getting the Penang properties you have been eyeing on.

1. Sell your old properties

If you go around your home, you will realize that there are valuable things just lying there, but you seldom use them. What if you cash them out? You may find that some old things in your house have appreciated and they are worth more than you imagined – they could be worth a few bucks!

In a nutshell, old things in your house are hidden sources of income, and every commodity you sell is one less item you will have to move when you finally relocate to your new dream home. Whether it is old furniture, used electronics, accessories or just old clothes, you can get top dollar by cashing them out. There’re even a coollist of 22 items from 90’s that worth a fortune today!

2. Change the timelines for buying your new home 

Turns out, savings for a RM 100,000 down payment in just six months is difficult than saving for RM 100,000 over two years. Consequently, you can accomplish your savings objective and still live the best life. So, how can you figure out what your deadline should be? First, evaluate the amount you need to save. For instance, if your goal is to save the aforementioned RM 100,000 for a new house, you must make an estimation of the amount of money you are willing and able to save per month without overstretching your budget. 

Nonetheless, you can invest your cash rather than put it in your savings account, but it is worth noting that investing comes with a risk, and chances exist that you may lose your money instead of earning lucrative returns. Therefore, it is recommended to talk to a financial analyst to help you analyze your investment options. 

3. Look at your daily expenses

It goes without saying that the small amounts that we spend here and there every day may have a drastic impact on your finances in the long term. Whether it is coffee, afternoon snacks or just hourly drinks, they will all add up at the end of the day. Daily expenses can cost you something between RM 25 to RM 50 every day, and do you know what this means?

Therefore, if you breakthe habit of spending on less important things, you will reach your savings goal faster than you thought. You should be picky with what you spend your money on and translate that cash to your savings, and there’s no doubt this will make a difference. You can accomplish this by reviewing your account statement to help you determine the things you could possibly cut from your daily spending habits. 

Fifteen dollars a week, deposited into a savings account instead of being spent on luxuries will sum up to thousands of dollars at the end of the year. Once you get used to this habit, it will become easier to save large amounts over time. 

4. Make direct deposits to your savings account

It is inevitable to spend money when you physically have it, but if you transfer it to your savings account, you will reduce the chances of spending it by more than half. One it is in your savings account, it is possible to pretend that you do not have it. 

Instead of putting your entire check into the checking account, it makes perfect sense to deposit some amount directly into the savings account to make your saving goal for the down payment more realistic and achievable. You can even ask your employer whether it is possible to split your deposit into multiple accounts. 

5. Seek assistance

Everyone would agree that first-time homebuyers need a down-payment assistance for them to make an informed decision. You can also pursue a homebuyer education course to help you decide on how you will save for your home down payment. There are also local, state and federal programs that can offer some invaluable assistance. 

Alternatively, family members, relatives, and friends who have been involved in a saving plan before can prove to be beneficial. 

6. Hide your home savings 

As you save for your new home, your savings account will begin to grow, and this is more likely to tempt you to spend the funds on other things. For instance, you may opt to buy the latest trending car at the expense of your new home’s down payment. Alternatively, you may be tempted to spend the funds for a vacation with your family. 

Spending the funds on other things will mean that you will start saving over again and this will make your dreams more difficult or even impossible. Therefore, it is imperative to stay on track and ignore other luxuries that may tempt you to withdraw the funds. 

Hiding your savings account can play a pivotal role in making your savings goal more realistic and achievable. As the saying goes, “out of sight is out of mind. Your bank settings allow you to hide specific account balances, and you will unhide the account when the right time for making the down payment comes. 

7. Examine your transport budget 

Having your own car will definitely give you more freedom, and it will make life more exciting, but if you want to save up for a downpayment on a new home, it is inevitable to take an alternative path. Car ownership entails extra expenses that may be costly at the end of the month. What if you decide to get to work using public transport at the expense of your car? Yes, this may look a little bit annoying, but it will help you in your savings goal in the long term. If you can manage to do this, you can cut down the expenses considerably and transfer the extra funds to your savings account. Read this article from RinggitPlus that helps you better understand whetherto buy a car or a house.

8. Invest in stock exchange market and bonds

There’s no doubt that investing your savings is an excellent way to take your financial security to a whole new level. It may sound like staking your funds, but if you are choosy in what you invest in will make your dreams achievable. Remember, this strategy comes with an inherent risk, but if you work with a professional financial manager, you should be able to double your savings over a short period. You can start off small before you can invest your life savings, but don’t be so overambitious – you must be realistic, and this will make a significant difference. 

Final Verdict 

Saving for a home down payment may not be as hard as it looks or sounds at first. It entirely depends on how you plan for it. Once you get started, as long as you employ the best strategies, and you remain realistic to your purpose, you will find it easy than you never thought. The highlighted tips in this article will help you to reach your saving objective as quickly as possible. In fact, it will take you less than two years to accomplish your goals if you stay focused. Try it!
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Dapat Kejutan Di Hari Bapa 2017

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Kalau Mei, Hari Ibu kan.. Dah Jum pula, Ahad lepas merupakan Hari Bapa 2017 untuk rakyat Malaysia.. Alhamdulillah, tahun 2017 ni merupakan tahun ke 5 Eraz bergelar seorang bapa kepada dua orang cahayamata.. Syukur Allah mengurniakan rezeki ini walaupun bukan senang untuk mendapat gelaran itu.. 

Selepas berkahwin, Allah uji kami dengan isteri keguguran selepas sebulan ke dua bulan kahwin.. Then kami menunggu selama 2 tahun selepas itu, barulah ada berita gembira dari Nya.. Alhamdulillah.. So kepada pasangan yang belum dikurniakan cahayamata, jangan putus asa ok.. Insyaallah rezeki korang akan sampai.. Kami doakan juga..

So pada hari Bapa baru ni, Zara yang dibantu Mama menulis sendiri di satu kertas 'Happy Father's Daya Papa".. Walaupun dibantu, ianya jadi suprise sebab dia faham.. Then dia simpan lagi kertas tu dan pagi esoknya, dia salin lagi sekali dan kali ni tanpa bantuan Mama.. Baru 4 tahun, kiro ok la progress nya.. Semoga Zara dan Adam membesar dengan baik, sihat serta soleh solehah.. Amin.. Zara buat suprise tunjukkan pada Papa sejurus saje Papa selesai solat Asar.. Hehe.. 

Dan dari isteri pula, Eraz ada up di IG satu gambar di bawah.. Wife ada beli sesuatu masa dia ke Jovian Mandagie Boxing Day baru ni di Kota Bharu.. Dan dia sempat belikan satu baju.. So hari Ahad lepas la baru buka bungkusan dan alhamdulillah size dan baju tu memang kena dengan citarasa.. So bertambahlah satu lagi baju raya tahun ni.. Jovian Mandagie tu.. Hehe.. Thank you sayang.. 

ERAZ FADLI | Bagi Hadiah Raya Aidilfitri 2017 - Hadiah apa dan macamana nak dapat, boleh baca entri berkenaan ya.. 
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Monday, 19 June 2017

ERAZ FADLI | Bagi Hadiah Raya Aidilfitri 2017

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Salam Isnin.. Macamana? Masuk kerja hari ni, mood ok lagi ke? Atau dah mula terbayang-bayang nak balik kampung? Mesti dah ada juga yang sudah pasang lagu Raya kat office atau dalam kereta ni.. Tapi berdasarkan satu status yang up di facebook semalam, ramai lagi sebenarnya yang masih belum dapat mood raya.. Sama la macam Eraz sebenarnya.. Masih akan bekerja macam biasa sehinggalah Khamis ni.. Hehe..

By the way, terfikir dalam hati ni rasa macam nak bagi hadiah la sikit kepada semua pembaca blog Eraz Fadli ni.. Tambah-tambah sekarang bulan Ramadhan dan nak puasa ni kan.. Khas untuk pengomen-pengomen semua yang setia membaca entri blog Eraz walaupun update blog sekarang tak macam dulu.. Kalau dulu, tiga ke empat entri tu biasa.. Tapi sekarang ni, satu entri tu, alhamdulillah.. Hehe.. 

So! Sebagai hadiah hari Raya yang korang akan dapat awal Julai nanti ialah DeXandra Perfume 35ml.. Hehe.. Best apa DeXandra Perfume kan.. Tapi dapat lepas raya dah la ya.. Macamana nak dapat.. Senang sahaja.. Eraz tak mau buat cabutan bertuah.. Eraz akan bagi pada sesiapa yang meninggalkan komen terbanyak sepanjang bulan Jun 2017 ni.. Ok kan? Itu pun kalau ada yang sudi tinggalkan komen di entri Eraz la.. Tak kisah la entri tu baru ke, lama ke.. Janji rekod tinggalkan entri pada bulan Jun 2017..

Nanti pada pada awal Julai, Eraz senaraikan Top 5 dan untuk kali pertama serta sempena Raya ni, Eraz akan bagi pada dua orang maksudnya Top 2 la dapat.. Sorang satu ya.. Eraz akan pos kan pada korang semua.. Di harapnya ianya dapat mengembirakan pengomen-pengomen di blog ERAZ FADLI yang tak seberapa ni ok.. TQ..
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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Zakat Fitrah 2017

Zakat Fitrah 2017 | Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Zakat Fitrah.. Rasanya tiap2 tahun akan ada entri pasal Zakat Fitrah ni.. Ya la.. Salah satu perkara wajib dalam dah masuk dalam bulan Ramadhan, sehinggalah ke hari raya kan.. Mana boleh terlepas benda wajib ni.. Cumanya antara bayar awal atau bayar lambat je.. Macam2mana pun, kena juga selesai akhirnya.. Betul tak?

Alhamdulillah, untuk tahun 2017 ni merupakan tahun yang paling awal Eraz tunaikan Zakat Fitrah.. Plan setiap tahun memang nak bayar awal.. Tapi selesainya ada je yang menghalang.. Hehe.. Tapi alhamdulillah tahun ni, Allah permudahkan.. Memang baru buat entri hari ni, tapi resit ni dah dikeluarkan seminggu lebih sebenarnya.. Ada up dalam blog je..

Zakat Fitrah 2017

Zakat Fitrah 2017

Kenapa nak up dalam blog? Untuk rekod peribadi dan juga untuk peringatan kepada kawan2 yang masih belum menunaikannya.. Mana tahu baru2 dah ingat, tapi kebelakangan ni lupa sebab sibuk seharian kan.. Dan insyaallah, jika terbaca entri ni, saudara berkenaan ingat dan terus menunaikannya.. Siapa tahu kan.. Kira untuk peringatan manja2 la.. Untuk diri sendiri juga bagi tahun2 yang akan datang..

Eraz sendiri masa nak bayar tu, tak plan pun.. Hari tu ke KB Mall sebab nak terminate akaun broadband dan register yang baru.. Alih2 masa berjalan, ada kaunter Zakat Fitrah.. Tanpa fikir panjang, terus je duduk.. Lega rasa sebab selesaikan awal sebab ada pernah satu kali tu last minute sangat2.. Nervous rasanya masa tu..

Kelantan ni tak macam sesetengah negeri luar.. Ada yang siap guna 'drive thru' kan.. Di sini, kalau pengalaman Eraz, biasa pihak berkenaan akan buka booth di mall contohnya di Mydin, KB Mall, Tesco dan mungkin ada lagi tempat lain.. Dan juga solution lain ialah pergi masjid.. Lepas solat fardhu atau sebelum, selalunya imam akan buka kaunter.. So korang dah selesai ke belum? Hehe.. Wassalam..

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